Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I use LoanDolphin?

LoanDolphin helps borrowers find awesome home loan rates with minimum effort.

We will help you reach a marketplace of lending experts who will find an outstanding home loan rate tailored to you by getting competing for your mortgage. All this without having to leave the comforts of your home. No more endless negotiations, unnecessary phone calls, chasing up people and wasting time. We empower you with choice, convenience and value. Bank lenders and brokers compete to win your business with the right product and service.

What fees am I charged?

Zilch, Zero, absolutely nothing. You can use our service for free. We get paid by the banks, but we favour no particular bank for any reason. We don’t get volume-based incentives, no trail, and we don’t have banks as investors either.

Why is LoanDolphin free to use?

We can keep the service free thanks to our ability to attract borrowers who are serious about refinancing or looking for mortgage options for a new purchase through our unique service. Plus a lot of our existing users refer us their friends and family. For free!

How does LoanDolphin work?

Three simple steps:

  1. You create your lending profile online.
  2. We get banks and brokers to provide competitive indicative offer
  3. You choose and connect to the offer you like or simply let the algorithm decide on your behalf. This will exchange your contact details and the broker or bank lender will get in touch with you to guide you through to secure the deal

Am I obliged to take up the offers?

No. All offers are deemed indicative and by clicking on ‘Get this deal’ button you are only exchanging your contact details with a particular banker or broker. Bank lenders and brokers will require to complete their own internal assessments to satisfy responsible lending criteria’s and product suitability or unsuitability based on verifiable information.

What kind of mortgage deals will I get offered?

This really depends. In May 2017, we saw that 30% of all offers were special home loan rates (which are not advertised anywhere else). Banks appetite can and will change. As such, the amount of indicative offers will vary. We found that 99% of borrowers who came to refinance their mortgage received cheaper home loan rates by using LoanDolphin.

I didn’t get the confirmation e-mail, what should I do?

If you have not received the confirmation e-mail, the first step should be to check your spam folder. If you are still unable to locate the confirmation e-mail, please let us know by either emailing us at or chat to us online (you will find the chat button at the bottom right-hand corner)

Who will bid for my loan?

We have a mixture of bank lenders as well as mortgage brokers who will take part in the bidding process. All the representatives are verified. If you wish to only receive bids from bank lenders, you could do so by specifying this in the ‘My priorities’ section when completing your lending profile.

How are the brokers and lenders chosen and verified?

We follow a strict process when we sign up new brokers. We interview them face to face (via Skype if they are in different states). We get to know them and ask them a lot of questions about their experience in the industry and their motivation. We also verify their licensing via the relevant bodies such as MFAA, FBAA and ASIC for their ACL’s. We want to create a good genuine and prosperous relationship between you and the financial representatives, so we have created their profiles so that you get to know more about them. Before they get to know about you.

Am I entering a contract by using LoanDolphin or do I have any obligations?

Absolutely not. You are using us to connect to the right broker/lender who is willing to offer you great reasons to win your business. You can choose not to proceed with the offer if you feel that it is not right for you.

Is it secure to use LoanDolphin?

We take security seriously. As such, we have invested a lot of resources to be compliant and bank grade secure. The information we collect from you are used to provide an indicative offer tailored to you. We use AWS (Amazon Web Services) to store this information and use encryption when transferring your information via the web.

Will I get an enquiry on my credit file if I use LoanDolphin?

No. We do not conduct any credit checks. Instead, we ask for your honest opinion about your credit history when you post an auction.

What happens after I hit the “Get this deal” button?

This will result in an exchange of contact details between you and the broker or bank lender, so that the representative can get in touch with you to guide you through and secure the deal.

What will happen if I don’t like the bank lender or the broker I choose?

You can simply inform the broker/lender that you do not wish to deal with them. You can use LoanDolphin to post another auction and reach out to a different broker/lender.

How does LoanDolphin make money?

We charge the broker/lender a percentage of the final settlement amount. We don’t get paid a trail or incentivised differently for different volume (aka volume-based incentives). We don’t favour any bank over the other. All banks are welcome to join us for free.

How can I change the details of what I have posted in an enquiry?

Due to the sensitive nature of the product, the only way to change details on your lending profile is by contacting us. Email us and we will get in touch with you asap.

I am a first home buyer, can LoanDolpin help?

We can certainly help. We have handpicked bank lenders and brokers who are experts and with a great track record. They are experts in helping both new home buyers and seasoned investors.

Is LoanDolphin backed by a bank?

Nope. 100% independent. As ex-bankers, we made a conscious effort not to take money from the big banks when we raised money in 2016. Currently, our investors are Barry Lambert and H2 ventures.

Which banks are on the panel?

LoanDolphin is a marketplace. As such we have brokers as well as direct banks participating in the bidding process. Thanks to our existing partner network we can access about 80% of mortgage service providers which includes: the Big 4 banks, Non-major banks, Credit Unions, Mutual’s as well as Non-Banking lenders.

What kind of loans can you auction via LoanDolphin?

Only residential property loans. We do not do SMSF either. But if you have a request or want help connecting to a good experienced broker or banker chat to us or email us